Our approach

When we evaluate locations and sites, our goal is to go beyond the data to truly understand the operating environment in a location and whether this matches our clients’ requirements. We seek to uncover the real business and investment conditions and identify any risks that would impact the suitability of the location for a particular facility and client.

Our approach is based on a detailed understanding of your operational and strategic needs and we work closely with you throughout the process to ensure that the final location decision truly meets your requirements.

Our approach consists of the following phases.

1. Definition

This is a short but critical phase in which we understand the key drivers behind the (re-) location project and the requirements and parameters of the new operation. We then define criteria for evaluating locations and sites, the initial geographic search area as well as a detailed project plan. By the end of this phase, everyone should understand and agree on exactly what type of location we are looking for and how we are going to compare locations.

2. Screening

We start the analysis by screening a larger number of locations (usually countries, regions or metropolitan areas) based on a selection of the most important project requirements. This allows us to test some of the key project assumptions and to narrow the list of potential locations to a more manageable number. This is typically a desktop analysis using published data.

3. Evaluation

This is the most time-consuming part of the project, during which we thoroughly evaluate each of the potential locations based a comprehensive set of criteria and data sources. In some projects, this phase consists of an evaluation of locations followed by a detailed review of sites (land or buildings) in the top locations. This phase involves discussions with local information sources and stakeholders as well as visits to the most promising locations and sites together with the client team.

4. Negotiation

Depending on the project and the locations being considered, we will engage in discussions with national and local governments regarding financial incentives and other support. This can range from government investment into site infrastructure to assistance with hiring and training skilled employees. We will involve other key stakeholders with an influence over key factors such as utilities, land or workforce in the negotiations to secure the best overall conditions for your investment.

5. Decision

At the conclusion of the project, we will combine the results of the detailed evaluation and negotiations into an overall assessment of potential locations and sites. This allows us to rank the locations based on all key operational and cost criteria defined at the outset of the project. We will take into account other factors, including any risks identified as well as personal perceptions based on site visits, to provide you with a comprehensive basis for making a final decision.

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