Over the course of a project, we prepare a series of deliverables that document the key project activities and outcomes. These deliverables provide you with all the information you need to make a final location decision. They also make the process more transparent and accountable to senior management and other stakeholders.

Typical project deliverables include: 

A numerical weighting of the location criteria based on a robust weighting process that incorporates the priorities and preferences of individual team members from different corporate functions.

All relevant data for the locations and sites included in the evaluation, including quantitative data, qualitative information as well as observations from site visits and discussions with local sources.

Maps, site plans and other relevant technical documentation for sites included in the assessment.

A comparison of key location-sensitive investment and operating costs, including the impact of government incentives and other negotiated financial benefits.

A quantitative ranking and scoring of locations and sites that takes into consideration all relevant information used for the evaluation.

A final report that outlines the overall location selection process including key decision points, alternatives considered and the reasons for excluding or selecting individual locations and sites.

Presentations summarizing key information for senior management meetings and briefings.

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