Our Services

Our services are based on a proven methodology that provides you with an objective, thorough and reliable basis for selecting the right location for your expansion or relocation.

Location Decisions can help you to:

1. Assess your current locations and develop an overall location footprint strategy.
2. Design and evaluate alternative scenarios for expansion and consolidation.
3. Build internal consensus regarding location requirements and priorities.
4. Determine the most important criteria for selecting a new location and site.
5. Weight criteria to reflect their importance in the location decision.
6. Analyze and compare locations (countries, regions, cities).
7. Identify and assess specific sites (land and buildings).
8. Organize site visits as part of the evaluation process.
9. Negotiate with governments to secure financial incentives and other benefits.
10. Coordinate communication with external stakeholders during the location selection process.
11. Compare location-sensitive investment and operating costs.
12. Develop strategies for closing facilities and exiting locations.

Our services are designed to avoid the challenges that companies face in selecting a location.