What we do

Location Decisions is one of the only dedicated site selection consulting firms in Europe. We work with companies from all industries to identify the best locations and sites for new corporate facilities.

We have experience in location analysis and site selection for almost all types of facilities including manufacturing and assembly plants, corporate headquarters, shared service centres, customer service centres, R&D centres, BPO delivery centres, data centres and distribution facilities.

We specialize in international or “cross-border” expansion projects. Although we are focused on site selection in Europe, we can provide support in most parts of the world, either independently or with local partners.

Our ability to find the best location and site is based on a thorough and objective methodology that minimizes the risks associated with location analysis and site selection and provides you with an objective and reliable basis for your location decision.


We go beyond the data to understand whether a location really meets our clients’ operational and strategic requirements.


Selecting the right location can be challenging and the risks and consequences of making the wrong decision are significant.


Our services are based on a proven methodology that provides an objective basis for selecting the right location.